School Sealant Program

Parents and Guardians,

Our school will be hosting the Minnesota School Sealant Program, where your child has the opportunity to receive FREE or reduced cost preventive dental services at school. A licensed dental professional will be offering sealants, cleanings, and fluoride varnishes to students.

The School Sealant Program will be happening on:

Thursday, January 12th for grades K-5

In order to be eligible to receive these services, you need to fill out a consent form with your child's information and return it to school. 

The consent form is due by: Tuesday, December 13th.

If you have any kind of dental insurance, these services are completely FREE to you. We submit the procedures to your insurance and donate whatever portion they do not cover. If you do not have dental insurance, your child can

receive these services at 70%off the usual rates.

Dental sealants, fluoride varnishes, and teeth cleanings are often provided in a public health setting due to the amazing benefits they provide at a low cost. Your child will be kept comfortable throughout these easy preventive dental services. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes. They even get to see the tooth fairy that travels with our program!

You can read more information on School Sealant Programs from the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health at the following links.

Your student is encouraged to participate in this annual program every year. If your student was seen last year, this will allow the MN School Sealant Program to provide a cleaning and fluoride varnish which we recommended once every 6 months for kids. Sealants only need to be placed once for each adult molar tooth. If there is a new adult tooth erupted that needs a sealant, it will be placed. Please check all three boxes on the consent form for optimal oral health. 

Please complete this consent form today,, to make sure your child will be able to benefit from this great program. 

If you are able, we prefer that you fill out the consent form online. This helps us process things quicker and more efficiently so we can help serve more students in our state that need these services. Otherwise, please complete the paper consent form that your student will bring home and return it to school to make sure your child will be able to benefit from this great program. 

Please note that this program is at our school for a limited time and they have many children to help. Checking the boxes on the consent form authorizes them to perform those services, but DOES NOT GUARANTEE they will be completed. The dental professionals provide services as time allows. They will only submit the services that they are able to complete to your insurance.

Please allow the MN School Sealant Program 2-6 weeks for processing all the paperwork after the program is complete. They will send you an email in 2-6 weeks with the results of your student’s oral health screening, what procedures were completed and recommendations for follow up care with a dentist. If you want more information about this program, please visit